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Yugioh Decks & Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Gi Oh Resource - Looking for Yugioh Cards, Pictures or Game Information? - hot topic, and we have some really GOOD links to help you find them. 

Yugioh Decks: There are numerous aspects to the Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh game - this is but one interesting area. If you are looking for more than
yugioh decks, make sure to check out the information and links below.

OBJECT OF THE Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh GAME & 
Yugioh Decks
The object of the game is simple - each player starts with 8,000 life points and plays cards in turn trying to destroy your opponents life points. The looser the the player who looses his life points first -- that leaves a winner. 

BUILDING A Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh CARD DECK & Yugioh Decks
We recommend starter decks. From there you can improve your deck and "personalize" it. The MINIMUM limit for number of cards in a deck is 40 cards. That is you MUST have 40 cards. There is no MAXIMUM, but it's best to keep the count below 50 so, when drawing, you can get through your cards quicker -- if you can't get to your cards, you can't play them. You can also have a 15 card "side" fusion deck, but this a bit advanced for this tutorial. Besides, you can be VERY competitive without using fusion decks.

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Cards and Deck Restrictions: You may not have more than three copies of the same card in your dueling deck. There are other individual card restrictions:  For example, you may have no more than ONE each of the following cards in your deck:  Change of Heart, Dark Hole, Exodia the Forbidden One, Left Arm of the Forbidden One, Right Arm of the Forbidden One, Left Leg of the Forbidden One, Right Leg of the Forbidden One, Jinzo (our personal favorite), Ceasefire, Premature Burial, Call of the Haunted, Morphing Jar, Limiter Removal, Sangan, Magic Cylinder, United We Stand, Mage Power, Raigeki, Monster Reborn, Pot of Greed, Mirror Force, Delinquent Duo, Confiscation, Painful Choice, The Forceful Sentry, Snatch Steal, Cyber Jar, Upstart Goblin, Swords of Revealing Light, Card Destruction, Witch of the Black Forest and  Imperial Order.  (This list is subject to change and variation, depending on where you play).

The Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh card game consists of a head's up match between two players. The idea is to gain control of the game, playing your cards intentionally, carefully and strategically. Strategy counts! The better strategist will win over the long run. Monsters are used to battle. Magic and trap cards are used to change the direction or outcome of the duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Card Game Phases -- For a good explanation of the game phases, we recommend the following site:
Yugioh Decks & Yugioh / Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game Phase Info 

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Cards and the Duel & Yugioh Decks
Rather than re-write the instructions for the duel, see this site for what we consider to be a good source of Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Card game play information. Yugioh Decks & Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Card Game Instructions

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh MAGIC CARDS & Yugioh Decks Information: 
The various types of of magic cards in a deck can effect the outcome of a duel extensively. Magic cards can be played or set on the field only in the main phase only (except for the Instant or Quick Magic Cards). 

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Types of Magic Cards: Normal Magic Cards -- Normal magic cards are magic cards that are played during the main phase and their effects can only be used once and then they are destroyed and go to the graveyard. 

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Permanent (continuous) Magic Cards -- Permanent magic cards are cards that are played during the main phases but they stay on the field with their effects in play continuously until they are destroyed.

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Equipment Magic Cards -- Equip magic cards are magic cards that are equipped to one monster. They usually add additional power to the monster they are attached to. 

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Field Magic Cards -- Field magic cards are magic cards that are played on the field and APPLY TO BOTH PLAYERS. Only one field magic card may be on the field at one time. The last field magic card played replaces the effect of the previous field magic card played.

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Instant (Quick) Magic Cards -- Instant magic cards are the only Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh magic cards that may be played outside of the main phase. They may be activated or played anytime during your turn, and if they are set on the field, they may be used during your opponent's turn. 

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Cards and more on the MONSTER CARDS
In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters they're three main card types, monster cards, magic cards, and trap cards.  Monster cards are the basic cards used to deal damage to and attack your opponent.  Monsters are labeled four different ways: Normal monster, Effect monster, Polymerization monster, and Ritual monster. Monsters are then categorized with a main-type and sub-types (called type and attribute) They're 6 different types and 20 different attributes. Also, Each monster will have different numbers of stars depending on its overall strength.

Yugioh Decks & Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Monster Cards with 1 through 4 stars may be summoned without a tribute. Monsters with 5 through 6 stars require 1 tribute to summon and if a monster is 7 through 8 stars it requires 2 tributes. By the way, a tribute is a sacrifice of a monster under your control and already on the playing field. The basic idea is that you have to give up a weaker monster to summon a stronger monster.

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Monster Types are Earth, Water, Light, Fire, Dark, Wind; and the sub-types are Dragon, Warrior, Spellcaster, Zombie, Animal Warrior, Beast-Warrior, Beast, Winged-Beast, Fiend, Fairy, Insect, Fish... and so on. The basic point here is that many magic and trap cards operate only on certain monster types and sub-types. 

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Cards -- the Effect Monsters: These are important! 
Monsters that have magical effects on the game itself are called and clearly marked "effect monsters". Either when they directly summoned, flipped, destroyed, etc. they have an effect. 

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Trap Cards:  Trap cards generally have effects that are to be used during your opponent's turn (trapping him). To be used, the Trap cards must have been set on the field -- they cannot be used directly from your hand.  Like magic cards, trap cards are of multiple types: Normal Trap Cards (single use) and Permanent (they stay on the field until destroyed).

Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Card Game -- This is not checkers and it seems that the rules go on forever. So, below, we have gathered some quality links for you to use in getting more detailed information on other aspects of the Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Card Game.

Yugioh Decks & Yu-Gi-Oh / Yugioh Cards and Game Instructions

Yugioh / Yu-Gi-Oh Cards - Current List of Forbidden Cards

Yugioh Decks & Yugioh / Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and Game News

Yugioh Software: We also recommend you check out the following site!

The Battlarium, home of the Card Collector Deck Builder software, the Ultimate Software Tool for Managing Dueling Decks.

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