Traffic Light Changer, Stop Light Changer: The MIRT - , mobile infrared transmitter
Traffic Light Changer, Stop Light (Stoplight) Changer or The MIRT for short!

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Updated: 02/22/20 10:40:52 am

A $300 device called a Traffic Light Changer, Stop Light (stoplight) Changer or The MIRT for (mobile infrared transmitter) changes red traffic lights to green. 

Needless to say, the Police are worried about chaos at intersections if too many copies of this device make their way into the hands of city drivers!. The advertisement goes like this: Tired of sitting at endless red lights? Frustrated by lights that turn from green to red too quickly, trapping you in traffic? 

The MIRT light changer is already used by police and other emergency vehicles, but what happens if everybody gets one? HAVOC!

Internet-marketed knockoffs of the MIRT traffic light changer device have become available to the public.  Heck, you can even find one on eBay! The stoplight changers / traffic light changer knockoffs have traffic engineers investigating whether lockout measures will work against the copycats and whether hundreds of thousands of dollars in traffic technology investments will become obsolete.  

The traffic light changer, called the MIRT for mobile infrared transmitter, emits a beam with a 1,500-foot range to a receiver installed at the intersection, which changes the light immediately, allowing an intersection to clear before a fire or rescue truck approaches. 

See the full on the MIRT -  Traffic Light Changer, Stop Light (stoplight) Changer as reported in the Detroit News

Apparently, because no laws apply to the MIRT,  in most if not all states new ones may have to be written. The original traffic light changers we believe are marketed by 3M. But, the real problem is with the copycat traffic light changer and stop light changers being built and sold via the Internet. These are much more affordable.


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