Kate Middleton and Prince are an Item?

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Updated: 02/22/20 10:37:49 am

Kate Shane Middleton Britain's Next Queen? Queen Kate ... nah... 

Quote: "Bookies are now backing Prince William to succeed Queen Elizabeth II to the British throne." If this is correct and Kate's old school friend Jessica Hay is right about them being an "item", then it may eventually be Queen Kate! 

Who is she?
Kate Shane Middleton 
Born March 22, 1979 in Louisville, Kentucky
Currently 5'7" and 135 lbs.
Favorite Food: " Fast"

Kate Middleton is a scholarship student at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Her name is not Katherine, but Kate. 

In April 2004, The Sun published pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton on a ski holiday in Klosters, Switzerland. Just under a year ago the paper had first speculated about a relationship between them. 

The Sun also claimed that William and Kate became an item at Christmas 2003, after Kate split from her previous boyfriend. 

It was reported that the royal family reacted with anger at The Sun's claims and the pictures as this was the first serious attempt by a newspaper to break the agreement protecting William's privacy from paparazzi. The British press had agreed this in return for a number of stage-managed photo opportunities and formal interviews. 

Reports also say that The Sun has now been banned from all upcoming official photo-shoots of Prince William following the publication of the pictures. 

It is believed that Jason Fraser took the photos of William and Kate. He was also the photographer of the 1997 "Diana and Dodi kiss", from which some estimate he earned $2,000,000.

Another UK tabloid, The Mirror, also believed William and Kate were an item. It claimed the pair went to great lengths to keep their romance a secret. Only close friends knew about the relationship and were sworn to secrecy - yeah right.... like anybody can keep their mouth shut.. 

According to the site coeh.org, the  royal family was angry at the photographer who took the picture of Kate Middleton at the left. It is rumored that The Sun was banned from all upcoming managed photo shoots and official interviews with Prince William following the publication of some of the pictures. 

It is also rumored that J. Fraser took most of the pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton. If, true, this is the same photographer that snapped the picture of the "Diana and Dodi kiss" which is estimated to have earned him near $2,000,000.

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