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BOTOX®, BOTOX® Injections and BOTOX® Cosmetics - all VERY hot topics.  Recent News "suggest" it may relieve pain from migraine headaches!    Check out our BOTOX® Information Center

Considering BOTOX® Injections or BOTOX® Cosmetics?
Over 2.3 million people received BOTOX® Cosmetics or BOTOX® injections in the last year. Despite the treatment’s benefits, popularity, and FDA safety approval, choosing a QUALIFIED doctor is serious. You've hear only the hype and marketing end of BOTOX® injections -- you rarely hear of the disasters.

Are BOTOX® Injections or BOTOX® Cosmetics Right for YOU?
Be realistic and do your research - we can’t directly answer that question for you. There are  BOTOX® information centers where you can learn about BOTOX® injections and procedures and what kind of results you can expect. You should contact a board certified doctor directly with your questions requesting a no obligation consultation. If you want to hear of the problems with BOTOX® injections, we suggest you find some message boards and join in on the discussions.

BOTOX® Injections and BOTOX® Cosmetics History
BOTOX® was actually introduced over 20 years ago - called botulinum toxin A or BOTOX®. it was first administered via botox injections into the muscles surrounding the eye to patients suffering from crossed eyes. It interferes with muscle spasms by blocking nerve impulses and relaxing the muscle. Early successful clinical trials resulted in BOTOX®® gaining FDA approval for treatment and/or relief of neck pain, facial muscle spasms, and eye misalignment. Currently, BOTOX® is being used in treating a variety of conditions including migraine headaches, lower back pain, and excessive perspiration.

Allergan company was first to earn FDA approval of BOTOX® Cosmetic for treatment of glabellar lines (the area located between the eyebrows). Since this approval, BOTOX® injections have become the most sought after cosmetic treatment in clinics worldwide. The popularity of BOTOX® is primarily due to the non-surgical nature of the procedure, minimal side effects and affordability -- not to mention that it reduced wrinkles!

BOTOX® Cosmetics and BOTOX® Injections and Procedures
In the past, smoothing lines and wrinkles required surgery. Today a simple, almost painless, 15-minute procedure can deliver impressive results. using a fine gauge surgical needle, BOTOX® injections are inserted into the problem facial regions to relax the muscles. The peak effect of BOTOX® injections typically occurs two to three weeks after injection and the duration of effect is three to six months. That means treatments MUST be repeated. Treatments can be repeated as often as necessary, generally every four to six months has been recommended.

Following the BOTOX® injections, ice can be applied to the area to reduce any swelling and discomfort. Since the procedure takes but 15 minutes, most patients can return to their daily routine immediately. However (and this is strange) a four to six hour period must pass before the patient can lie down. Patients are NOT to rub the treated area, as this might cause the BOTOX® to extend to surrounding muscles. 

BOTOX® Injections - A Defense Against Aging
Women especially tend to take drastic measures to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Most attempts consisted of expensive creams and miracle gadgets touted on television. Quack, quack - these miracle cures were hype and women trashed them quickly. Fly-by-night companies sold every conceivable contraption -- all ineffective.

BOTOX® is different: It has generated interest, new hope and effective solutions in the defense against aging. No longer is the unsuspecting public falling prey to the bogus offers of youth. 

BOTOX® Injections - A Few Statistics
Statistics report that more than 1.5 million BOTOX® procedures were performed in 2001, with an expected 3.5 million for 2002. Prior to its approval for cosmetic purposes, BOTOX® was approved for safe treatment of muscle spasms caused by cerebral palsy, uncontrollable eyelid spasms, and crossed eyes. 

BOTOX® is a derivative of the botulinum toxin responsible for food poisoning. It was even once considered by the military for use in biological warfare. It is a lethal toxin -- it's only the very small dosage that keeps it safe for use.

Wrinkle free meetings are even being coordinated in offices and homes around the country. These provide emotional support. If you are part of one of the "meeting", better make the guest-of-honor a board certified doctor!

BOTOX®® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.

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