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02/22/20 10:12:16 am

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Gas Prices -- What the Heck is Going On?
What do you think about the oil companies "allegedly" gouging the public on gas prices? Did they? Are they still putting to us all?
By the way... Nothing has changed (politically) since $3.50/gallon gas and the price of gas is dropping like a rock -- explain that one! 

Sick of The Penny Stock email Scam? Take Action!

March 15th, 2007

Having spent a good number of years as a trader in the markets for a �lesser than reputable firm� , I am VERY familiar with how these scams work.

A firm that has market making capability (or access to big chunks of stock cheap) buys a bunch of a particular stock (QXYZ). They then promote the heck out of it (via email or other means). As suckers start to buy it, the price goes up and the market maker �unloads� his inventory!




You CAN help stop this� forward every one of these stock scam emails to

(the Securities and Exchange Commission)



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